Milpa Alta

On Monday, we ventured out to Milpa Alta in the southern edge of Mexico City to visit one of our Inventure entrepreneurs, Griselda Flores, and see her business in action! What we thought was going to be a simple one-on-one interview where we ask Griselda basic questions about her business in her office turned out to be a whole-day exploration into her life. To our surprise, we were warmly welcomed into Griselda’s family and treated to travel around Milpa Alta to experience first-hand what Griselda holds close to her heart and calls home. 

It was a complete two hour journey from La Condesa to downtown Milpa Alta, involving a combination of metro, metrobus (above-ground version of metro), and taxi! Carlos, Tere, and Miguel – APROS staff – joined us in the journey. Milpa Alta is one of 16 different “delegacions” or boroughs of Mexico City, and more specifically, it is the most rural, situated in a valley between the Teuhtil volcano and the Ajusco-Chichunautzin mountains. And yes, Milpa Alta is absolutely beautiful. See for yourself!

In addition, Griselda detoured from the sample-site to show us her father’s “Napales”, a type of cactus famous in Mexican cuisine, farm. We wandered through the farm and tried “Tuna”, the fruit of the Napales plant. Delicious, but watch out for all the seeds! 

Next, we went back to Griselda’s main clinic and took a break for lunch in the courtyard. We could not believe it - Griselda’s family had prepared a fantastic, delicious meal of napales, mole (a type of chocolate-spice curry), chiles, and chicharron (best described as the Mexican version of bacon). We ate and we ate..! Mole is famous in Milpa Alta and Griselda’s mole was homemade! Afterward, we joined her for a walk to her family’s house up the mountainside. There, we met her mother and children and talked to them about their family and festivals. Griselda’s mother fed us once again, this time with tamales, chocolate, and sweet corn! On our way back from her house, we stopped by at the church, which Griselda attends. Griselda showed us how everything was decorated with local flowers to celebrate an important festival that was taking place that week. We couldn’t help but admire the views of the town…